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Choose Ronixa for your website and experience effortless web design in minutes.

Drag & Drop Page Builder + Theme Setting + 6 Pre Built Demos + 50 Widgets + Retrina Blog
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Ronixa is truly exceptional, with a wide range of features that make it stand out from the competition. First and foremost, our builder is incredibly user-friendly, allowing even those with no coding experience to easily create a stunning website.


Easy To Use

Our platform is user-friendly and intuitive, enabling you to create your own website with zero coding expertise.


Easily Customizable

Customize your website's appearance effortlessly by choosing from a variety of templates that match your brand's style.


Best Support

Our clients receive exceptional 24/7 customer support for an optimal experience with our services.



optimized for search engines, helping your website rank higher in search results and reach more potential customers.

Customer Showcase

You can create all types of websites (not just e-commerce) without any limitations and in the shortest possible time using OpenCart.

Build Your Website with Ronixa User-Friendly

Ronixa is truly exceptional, and one of the many reasons why our customers choose us is because of the vast array of features that we offer. From stunning templates to customizable design elements,we allows you to create a website that truly stands out from the competition. What's more, even those with no coding experience can easily use it.

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Ronixa Demos

Save time with a professionally built Opencart website. Ronixa comes with prebuilt demo websites that can be imported in one click.

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Powerful Website Creation Made Easy with Ronixa

Ready to transform your online store with a professional and modern look? Ronixa is the perfect solution, with easy customization options and drag & drop features that don't require any coding knowledge.


Easily build with drag & drop page builder

We have created our own page builder. Create what ever you want and awsome content all in our Page Builder.


Customization with theme setting

Customize your site in a proffesional theme setting. having unlimited options that you can make your site unique and beautiful.


Has the most professional opencart blog

For having a professional blog in your website you can use retrina blog that we have it in ronixa for free.

Page Builder

Ronixa's page builder is a powerful tool that allows you to create the website of your dreams easily. Simply drag & drop the necessary widgets and elements to customize your website and make it truly unique. 

Drag & Drop

Retrina Page Builder offers a general set of widgets that enable you to easily create a professional and specialized website without the need for coding skills. With a simple drag & drop, you can easily add and customize widgets to your website, allowing you to achieve the desired layout and functionality quickly and efficiently. Retrina Page Builder has everything you need to create a website that meets your unique needs and preferences. With Retrina Page Builder, coding knowledge is not required, making website building accessible and easily for everyone. 

Build Different Page & Menu

Retina Builder allows you to build a range of pages, each with its unique layout, content, and style. You can easily add and arrange different elements such as text, images, videos, products, and more, allows you to create pages that capture the attention of your customer.

Furthermore, Retina Builder provides a menu customization feature. A menu acts as a navigation tool for your website, guiding visitors to different sections or pages. You can create dropdown menus, customize menu items, arrange their order. This way, you enhance the overall user experience.

Import & Export

Retina Builder offers a powerful feature that allows you to design and create a webpage, export it as a file, and import it into other page. This feature allow you to transfer your designed page across different pages in one project.

Bootstrap Grid

The Bootstrap grid system allow you to create and customize the layout grid of your website. By default, Retina Builder provides a ready-made grid structure at the bottom of the page builder. With just a click, you can easily set up the grid layout of your website. If you need to change the layout later, you can change it in setting. This flexibility allows you to change the appearance of your website easily.

Mobile Friendly

In the advanced tab of Retina Builder, you will find a range of additional features that allow you to further customize your website's responsiveness and appearance. If you require even more customization options,by your own class you can add what ever you want.

Advance Html Content

By advance html content,  you have the ability to design a specific element that can be use in various parts of your website, such as the footer or in menu.This feature allows you to create a custom-designed component or section that can be easily use and placed in different areas of your site. 

+50 Professional Widgets

Retrina Builder offers an great collection of over 50 unique widgets that empower you to design your website according to your specific needs and preferences. With these various widgets, you have the flexibility to create a stunning website.Each widget have a different purpose and provides a specialized feature, allowing you to customize and enhance different aspects of your website. 

Theme Setting

make your unique preferences and make your own website, with our theme settings. Enjoy a best customization experience, giving you complete control over your website's look.

Google Fonts

We understand the importance of visual appeal and personalization in creating a unique website. That's why we have a wide selection of Google Fonts directly into the theme's settings, giving your customers the power to choose from a vast array of fonts to enhance their website's typography.

  • Searchable
  • Different Languages
  • All Styles
  • Serif, Sans Serif & etc.

Different Header & Footer

Here are various design options available for headers.With just a single click, you can easily select and apply different designs that perfectly match your style and brand. 
we also provide multiple footer design, allowing you to create a unique design for your website. 

Layout & Style Color

You have two layout options: container and container-fluid. With these features, you can ensure that your content looks great on any device. Additionally, you can round the corners of your boxes to add a more modern and polished look to your design. These options give you greater control over the visual aspects of your website and can help enhance the overall user experience.

style and colors feature, you have the ability to quickly change the colors of your website. You can easily choose the main color of your site, secondary site color, also the background color and background color of boxes according to your favorite. You can change one parameter in one place and it will be reflected across your entire website. 

Custom CSS & JS

If the widgets provided ,do not have the desired  , by custom css and custom js you can add your own customizations features. This allows you to customize the widgets to your specific needs and preferences. By using these sections, you can add custom styles to your widgets with CSS or add custom JS. With this level of control, you can create a truly unique and personalized experience for your users.

Promo Popup & Social

With promo popup feature, you have full control over the image and content that will attract your visitors attention from the moment they arrive.

With social media feature, Easily connect with your customer. allowing visitors to connect with you on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Mobile Bottom Navbar

mobile bottom navbar is a powerful and customizable navigation tool that offers easy access to essential features and actions right at the bottom of your website.

Appearance of your navbar by choosing icons and adding text labels that best represent the features or actions you want to showcase

The mobile bottom navbar acts as a central hub for important actions like wishlist and compare and every thing you want. It makes it easy for customers to quickly access these features without searching or scrolling a lot, making their experience smooth.

Retrina Blog

With the professionally  blog , you can easily create and manage engaging blog content that will keep your visitors coming back for more. 

Retrina Blog

With the professionally  blog , you can easily create and manage blog content that will keep your visitors coming back for more. From writing and publishing posts to customizing the layout and design of your blog, Retrina's blog module makes it simple to create a blog that connects with your customer.

Our user-friendly interface lets you create and edit blog posts,With a rich text editor, you can format your content, insert images and videos, and customize the appearance to match your brand.

Organize your blog posts into relevant categories and assign tags to make it easy for your readers to find topics of interest.

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